What’s in your bag?

What competencies will tomorrow’s web worker need?  The list can be broken down among attitudes, literacies, and skills.

Web workers will need to be disciplined, with an ability to work in unstructured and remote environments (as opposed to a cube farm).  They will need to be entreprenurially oriented, both in terms of delivering for their employer and for their own self-promotion.  They will also need to be networked, interacting, sharing, and collaborating with those both internal and external to their organization.  They will need to have a holistic view of their competitive space, and be capable of systems thinking (as compared to reductionism).  Lastly, they will need to be open to experimentation; doing what we have always done will not be the way forward.

Web workers will need new literacies.  They will have to be aware of digital network effects on the reputation, relevancy, authority, legitimacy, and reputation of individuals, organizations, information sources, and most importantly data.  They will also need to be aware of (and account for) their own biases, careful to not let them comprise their decision making processes.

There are skills that will also be helpful.  While it is unreasonable that web workers will need to be able to ‘code’, they should be able to understand the basis concepts of programming, networking, and computer operation.  They will need to understand the art of story telling (and journalism?  research?) and be able to work in a variety of digital media (text, visuals, audio, video) and mediums (online, offline).

That’s a pretty large skillset.  Your thoughts?

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