Facebook Pages Infographic from Pagemodo

Facebook page building service Pagemodo has an interesting infographic sourced from responses to a small business survey regarding Facebook use.

Relevant takeaways include:

  • 97% of SMBs have less than 10 employees.
  • 50% had Facebook pages; Of those with FB pages 77.5% did it themselves.  Of the 16.3% who used a tool, 42.3% used Pagemodo.
  • Of those who have pages, 85% use it to share business information, 62% to share content and conversate with customers, 23% have contests and giveaways, and 27% provide customer support.
  • Of those who do not have FB pages, 37% list time required as an obstacle.  18% do not see the benefit of an FB page.  17.5% do not believe that their customers are on Facebook.  17.2% lack the knowledge to create an FB page, and 14.5% were unaware that such a thing exists.


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