The end of the mall.  Main Street.  The department store. The rise of self-serve retail.  Amazon.  iTunes.  Netflix.  Kindle.  Square. I get removing the complexity from transactions.  Unfortunately, that means other people. You can’t ‘bowl alone’.  Consuming is a social experience.  We should consider if we truly add value when we subtract people.

Digital Content Strategy

I recently read two articles, one from the WSJ and the other at, commenting on the bondage/romance eBook “Fifty Shades of Grey” published by British TV executive E.L. James.  My quick back-of-the-envelope calculation suggests that she made over $5m in USD over sales of the book through self-publishing via Kindle.  That is simply amazing.

All you need to do to become a social media expert is proclaim it!

Consulting services for solutions such as “social media” (think Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and YouTube) range from full-service marketing agencies,  West Coast centric software companies, self-serve website products, in-house talent, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and technologists, boutique consultancies, and single person shops.   “Social business” and “Enterprise 2.0” leaves you with provider solutions from big companies like SAP and…

A Cynical Take on “Why I left [newsworthy company]?” Letters

These “why I left *” letters are legion.  Greg Smith’s resignation letter from Goldman Sachs (as published in the New York Times) , has touched a nerve, particularly as too-big-to-fail money institutions have been fingered as significant factors in the Great Recession.  While this is widely acknowledged, they have paid no price and have been the…

Aggregator versus Curator (versus thief)?

There’s some hubbub on the internets as to the value of aggregating versus curating (additional context at Buzzfeed FWD). My take is that sucking-down content published on the web for re-display in a different form is aggregation, and if said content is taken wholesale, theft.   If you do the same thing but employ some…