All you need to do to become a social media expert is proclaim it!

Consulting services for solutions such as “social media” (think Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and YouTube) range from full-service marketing agencies,  West Coast centric software companies, self-serve website products, in-house talent, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and technologists, boutique consultancies, and single person shops.   “Social business” and “Enterprise 2.0” leaves you with provider solutions from big companies like SAP and IBM, startups like Yammer, Salesforce, and SocialText, and solutions from the Big Management Consultants such as Deloitte and Accenture.

What’s the small- to medium-sized business to do?  They know they need to be in this space, but they likely don’t know why, haven’t figured out how to execute, and lack the background knowledge (or time) to find out.   I turned to LinkedIn to see what the self-reported numbers look like…

Based on searches of LinkedIn performed in 2012, there are nearly 16,000 persons in the Greater Philadelphia Area* who list “social media” as a keyword and 287 companies.   A search for “Enterprise 2.0” returns 0 companies and 49 individuals; a search for “social business” returns but 9 companies and 114 individuals.

I think there’s opportunity here.


*Completing the same search for the United States returns 645k people and 16k companies for “social media” and 5k people and 220 companies for “social business”.