The Ultimate Competitive Advantage.

When it comes to process redesign, the initiating action should always be  “the stakeholder has a problem”. The Harvard Business Review blog posted this:

Make Service Easy for Your Customers

The notion of going above and beyond customer needs is so entrenched that managers rarely question it. But delighting your customers may be a waste of time and energy. In fact, most customers just want simple, quick solutions to their problems, and your company should make that possible. Think about the service initiatives you have underway. Question whether they are focused on reducing customer effort or adding unnecessary bells and whistles. Start with frontline employees since they likely interact with customers the most. Make sure they have the skills, permission, and the incentive to reduce customer effort.

It is sometimes unwise to compete on price, ammenities, or to champion the quality of service delivered by partners and vendors (as we have limited influence). I would challenge that many of your “bells and whistles” are not for the stakeholders but rather to please internal partners. What we can do-and what should engender institutional support-is designing and delivering an easier experience for your main stakeholder.