Creatives in the Clouds.

Feeding off my Life in Cloud City post, I see the newest version of the Adobe Creative Suite will have a cloud subscription option (and the promise of collaboration).

Adobe CS6 is full of features and a must have for digital creatives, with 14 different apps.  The problem being that acquiring said software legally requires a huge amount of capital, freezing some out of the marketplace (the full Master Suite is $2599.00, with an upgrade costing $549).  Even the educational editions (where the user is not allowed to use the product to create commercial works) is still several hundred dollars.

So I was surprised to see a variety of monthly cloud subscription offerings (branded as the Creative Cloud, via the Verge) ranging from $29.99 student/educator accounts, a $29.99 upgrade for users of prior versions, a $49.99 regular user subscription package, and a $79.99 pay-as-you-go monthly option.  This drastically lowers the barriers of entry to creatives.  Given the assumption of a 2-year product cycle, the monthly subscription costs are less than the total cost of the full suite.  I’m curious to see how this impacts institutional and corporate purchases and the net effect on piracy.