Beware the consultant making bold promises.

These guys are snake oil salesman.  Social media (and the internet) doesn’t do anything on its own, it only amplify what’s already there.  If you own a popular restaurant with good word of mouth, social media is going to make it better.  If you manage a horrible deli with miserable counter staff, it’s gonna amplify your suckitude.

Day 182- Boy, this is a dangerous place!

We are currently in the process of moving.  Our realtor made a video slideshow of our house.  We’re probably the only ones who’ve ever seen it.  Even though it’s free, he still paid someone about $50 to make the slideshow, which is something I could do in 5-minutes.  Sorry, but I’d much rather have better pictures than a lame PowerPoint.  Basically it’s just one more channel of advertising.

Now, on the other hand, a friend of mine bought a new (used) car, and every car that the place sells (CarMax, CarSense, one of them) has an inventory page (without prices) so the person can share over FB their new car.  That makes sense to me.