How much could the iPad cost your business?

I am currently in the middle of packing up my house in preparation for our house closing at the end of June.  One of the tasks I’m in the middle of is the selection of a moving company.  As most sources have recommended, I will be getting 3 estimates.

Two of the estimates were completed by ‘sales’ people who walked through my house with pen, paper, and clipboard.  One of those estimates is the clear price winner.

The third of the movers sent a sales person with an iPad. If you’ve gone into a high-end provider of goods or services, you’ve likely noticed that they use iPads to facilitate the sales process and manage transactions.  I personally believe that the simple presence of an iPad in the showroom raises the consumer’s perception of the merchant.

The mover had an application (presumably custom) which allowed the salesperson to go from room-to-room selecting the items in the room, eventually providing the salesperson with an estimate replete with the amount of time needed to move the belongings (for local moves) or by weight (for interstate moves).

The pen and paper checklist certainly allow for some discretion in pricing, whereas the iPad provides accuracy.  Needless to say, the iPad estimate was the highest, and NOT the carrier we will use.