Social Business or change management?


Jason Falls at Social Media Explorer calls it bullshit:

But what “social business” really is, is the digital-first world’s version of change management. “Social business” implies you’re evolving as a company or enterprise to be inclusive of all stakeholders, tearing down silos to foster better communication and collaboration internally, empowering your external audiences to participate in your brand/company/marketing and the like. You’re changing. From old guard to new. You’re transitioning from the way marketing and communications did work, to the way it works better now.

But my marketing brethren can’t call what they do “change management.” That term surfaced in the mid- to late-1980s as human resource consultants discovered a new term to help them charge more per hour. So “change management” is known. It’s defined. It’s not sexy. But “social business” … now that SINGS!

In my capstone I mention that Social Business is the preferred replacement terminology for “Enterprise 2.0”, a bad term in that it is now over 6-years old without an upgrade to 3.0.  “Social Business” isn’t bad, and it is much better than change management, but I have to think there is something better out there…