Maybe INDUSTRY is no longer the right word?

I was thinking about disruption, specifically about the technology, education, journalism, and manufacturing industries, and thinking about how disruption has precipitated the need for digital strategy.  It seemed like the incumbents are all trying to do the same things – simultaneously maintain the status quo and plan for an uncertain future that nearly guarantees a changing if not destruction of status quo.

The old idea of industry was centered on an entity that was organized either vertically or horizontally who used economies of scale to generate profits.  In many cases – scale – and the increased legacy costs of that scale – are liabilities and not assets.

It seems increasingly likely that the new winners are those who are organized in a networked fashion are more likely to survive and thrive as compared to those who are organized in vertical or horizontal lines.  We should be thinking more and more of a matrix, network, and webs more than industries.  Maybe the replacement for INDUSTRY should be ECOSYSTEM?