Quick Thoughts on KPCB’s Internet Trends 2012

If you don’t know about Mary Meeker’s annual internet overview, you’ve been missing out.

Here are my quick thoughts.

  • Slide #5: US internet use has matured and growth has ceased.
  • Slide #7: There is still more growth to be had in US mobile internet.
  • Slide #11: Global majority do not have smartphones.
  • Slide #12: eReader/tablet growth is impressive.
  • Slide #15: Growth in mobile commerce outpacing non-mobile commerce.
  • Slide #16: Advertising via mobile apps outpaced mobile advertising via web page.
  • Slide #17: TV ad spending is roughly equivalent to share of time used by audiences. Looks like print/radio may decline while there is opportunity for internet and mobile.
  • Slide #19, 20: Mobile ARPU drastically lower than desktop ARPU.
  • Slides #22-25: Mobile ARPU will catchup to desktop ARPU.

All of this is all well and good, but the real opportunities are in Slide #30-84, all entitled “the Reimagination of *”.  What will the application of digital/social/mobile do to your business?

There also a photo of this document, “A Basic Summary of America’s Financial Statements [pdf]”.

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