Mary Meeker’s 2013 Internet Trends Report

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report (previously) is not to be missed.  The current version is linked here and embedded below.

Quick thoughts:

  • Look at the internet-use growth rate for Iran [Slide#4].
  • The print and radio industries are not out of the woods [Slide#5].
  • If you had a question about the disruptive impact of mobile devices and the internet, look no further than [Slide#7].
  • Flickr’s redesign will likely not be enough to save the service [Slide#14].
  • It’s curious to me that ‘sound’ is the next big thing, as REAL Audio and MP3s are OLD [Slide#21].
  • Data will continue to be huge. [Slides#23-25].
  • If you are wondering where you should focus your social media efforts, Slide#27 informs. If I were Facebook, I would be concerned.
  • Mobile continues to be the technology and context for internet use going forward [Slide#30-37].
  • We are in the post-PC and post-mobile phone era, with the new context being tablets and smartphones [Slides#39-66] and then …?  Wearable, drivable, flyable?
  • The internet has an American flavor [Slide#27].  The rise of China may challenge that notion [Slide#67-73].
  • There’s more in the appendix about industries ripe for ‘re-imagining’ such as financial services, education, and healthcare. [Slides#93-109].