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Gallup Consulting will shortly release its State of the American Workplace report, last issued for the period of 2008-2010 [PDF here]. The Washington Post provides the top-line numbers:

The numbers have changed little over the past several years, but at least the percent of workers who are “actively disengaged” has been dropping ever so slightly—from 20 percent in 2006 to 18 percent in 2012.

Still, the figure that should really make us stop? Less than a third of American workers are engaged in their jobs.

Why should you pay attention to employee engagement? Because Gallup’s research has found that “[the] relationship between engagement and performance at the business/work unit level is substantial and highly generalizable across organizations, and engagement is related nine performance outcomes”. You can find that PDF here.

Fast Company provides a useful analogy:

To fully comprehend these grim stats, imagine a crew team out on the Potomac River where three people are rowing their hearts out, five are taking in the scenery, and two are trying to sink the boat. It’s hard to conceive how businesses can thrive when so few people are working to move it forward.

That same Fast Company link provides some strategy and tactics to maximize employee engagement and is worth your time. Gallup also provides 5 framing questions you should ask your team and 12-elements of managing that impact engagement.