My  name is Ronald C. Burkhardt, but you can call me ‘Ron’.

If you’ve landed here looking for the artist, the property management professional, the photographer, or firefighter, I’m not them.

I am a recent graduate of the Master’s of Science program of Organizational Dynamics at the University of Pennsylvania.  I am also a husband and father.

I previously lived in lower Delaware County, and am a native of the Port Richmond neighborhood of the City of Philadelphia.  I have recently moved to Woolwich Township in South Jersey.

You can peruse my experience page to find out a little more. You can also connect with me via LinkedIn (and eventually others) here.   I am also a periodic contributor to (and designer and webmaster of) the group blog of my good friend Anthony W. Orlando at Trading 8s.

My interest – as the tagline of this blog states – is the intersection of culture, work, knowledge, and technology.   I hope to leverage this interest for future opportunities, either academically or professionally.  In the meantime, I’ll use this space to explore those areas.


About this site:

This site exists to discuss the intersection of work and knowledge leveraged with technology presents us with revolutionary opportunities not seen since the discovery of fire or the invention of tools like the wheel or gears.

The increase in computing power, readily accessible connectivity, and affordability of technology has made it easy to create and manipulate an Alexandrian sum of content.  Users will find that voluminous collection of content unnavigable, overwhelming and paralyzing.  The same technology that creates an information quagmire also provides the tools necessary conversion of information into usable knowledge.

The ability to work with this content within a social context provides an opportunity for knowledge capture, creation, combination, and collaboration.  An understanding of the history, applications, and dynamics of social media will inform and provide a framework for strategic implementation in the organization.

Contact me:

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