Mar 13

Overcoming faculty objections to online learning


I recently had a conversation with someone who shared (unsurprisingly) that collegiate faculty often had serious objections to online learning.  The loss of control of the instructor’s intellectual property, the dilution of faculty-and-student interaction, the uncertainty of student engagement, and the potential threat of the traditional higher education business model are all issues that will take some time to work through.  That said, there are upsides to faculty participation in online learning.


Feb 13

Mistakes aren’t fatal if you learn from them.

Ford decided in the 1950s that they wanted to take their (now defunct) Mercury brand upmarket from the everyday Ford, and they slotted what would become the Edsel into the gap.  The car, as history shows, was a miserable failure.


The designer of the Edsel – Roy Brown- died this past weekend.  I was surprised to see that he had a successful career after the Edsel, and that Ford learned some lessons after their humbling.

Feb 13

No, not that kind of network.

From the New Yorker on Netflix’s House of Cards:

An Internet firm like Netflix producing first-rate content takes us across a psychological line. If Netflix succeeds as a producer, other companies will follow and start taking market share. Maybe Amazon will go beyond its tentative investments and throw a hundred million at a different A-list series, or maybe Hulu will expand its ambitions for original content, or maybe the next great show will come from someone with a YouTube channel. When that happens, the baton passes, and empire falls—and we will see the first fundamental change in the home-entertainment paradigm in decades.


Feb 13

The Master Degree Program in Social Business Administration?

Social Business Design

One of my goals has been to teach at the collegiate level at a local college or university.  I have created a list of school is the Greater Philadelphia Region with a focus on South Jersey, where I now reside.  I have also reached out to my instructors from the University of Pennsylvania’s Organizational Dynamics program (of which I am a recent graduate) for advice.  One mentioned making a value proposition to potential employers by finding and filling an unmet or unrealized need.  From that the question sprung – what would a Masters degree in social business look like?  What would be the necessary course work?  What would be on the syllabus?

Jan 13

Bad Celebrity Websites?

Buzzfeed provides some examples of celebrity websites that are somewhat lacking.  It’s amazing that some of the personalities with the highest Q-ratings (Tom Cruise and Will Smith, particularly) have such sparse online presences*.  Maybe they don’t care since they have achieved self-sustaining fame?  Others such as Brett Michaels and David Hasselhoff – and I don’t mean this as harsh as it will sound – look exactly as one would expect given the measure of each of their respective celebrity.

While creating a website might be a laborious and resource intensive endeavor for a single-person business, it is certainly achievable, with a site maintained by the celebrity themselves, or at the very least “their people” or agent.