Feb 13

No, not that kind of network.

From the New Yorker on Netflix’s House of Cards:

An Internet firm like Netflix producing first-rate content takes us across a psychological line. If Netflix succeeds as a producer, other companies will follow and start taking market share. Maybe Amazon will go beyond its tentative investments and throw a hundred million at a different A-list series, or maybe Hulu will expand its ambitions for original content, or maybe the next great show will come from someone with a YouTube channel. When that happens, the baton passes, and empire falls—and we will see the first fundamental change in the home-entertainment paradigm in decades.


Jan 13

Bad Celebrity Websites?

Buzzfeed provides some examples of celebrity websites that are somewhat lacking.  It’s amazing that some of the personalities with the highest Q-ratings (Tom Cruise and Will Smith, particularly) have such sparse online presences*.  Maybe they don’t care since they have achieved self-sustaining fame?  Others such as Brett Michaels and David Hasselhoff – and I don’t mean this as harsh as it will sound – look exactly as one would expect given the measure of each of their respective celebrity.

While creating a website might be a laborious and resource intensive endeavor for a single-person business, it is certainly achievable, with a site maintained by the celebrity themselves, or at the very least “their people” or agent.


Apr 12

Catchphrases: Made to Stick

Buzzfeed FWD points to research from Cornell University that cracks the formula for catchphrases that are “Made to Stick”.  They analyzed the memorable quotations from the American Film Institute [WIKI].  You can find the PDF here.

Mar 12

Daily News Curated by Twitter, Aggregated by LinkedIn

If you aren’t using LinkedIn Today to skim the morning news, you might be missing out.

LinkedIn finds popular articles shared via Twitter, and arranges them by industry and source.  You can additionally subscribe to content from a variety of publishers such as NPRthe Atlantic, Forbes, the Harvard Business Review, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Fast Company, the NYTimes, the Wall Street Journal, and many others.  You can see your version here (you must be logged into LinkedIn) and can find out more here.

Mar 12

Digital Content Strategy

I recently read two articles, one from the WSJ and the other at Philly.com, commenting on the bondage/romance eBook “Fifty Shades of Grey” published by British TV executive E.L. James.  My quick back-of-the-envelope calculation suggests that she made over $5m in USD over sales of the book through self-publishing via Kindle.  That is simply amazing.