Need help with social business?

Are you the owner of a small business?  Do you work for a non-profit or a local municipality?  A politician running for local office or member of a political advocacy group?  Do you know you need to be where your customers and stakeholders are – online and on social media – but lack the time or expertise?

I can help.  Help me establish myself while I help you grow your business.

I am currently looking for small businesses and non-profits who know they need help in the online and social media spaces.  The services I am offering include the setting-up and optimizing of your social media profile as well as on-site social media coaching as well as providing an online community which will serve as a resource.  Businesses and non-profits will be able to establish a consulting relationship for additional services such as websites, online communities, e-commerce, fund raising, outreach and advocacy programs, online branding, and digital strategy.  If you are in the Greater Philadelphia Region, fill out the form below and let’s talk!

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