Feb 12

Video: History of Social Media

GoGrovo via SocialTimes:

Jan 12

Forecasting with the Internet?

Conclusion, via the New York Federal Reserve:

Economists are always looking for ways to improve their forecasts—to make their crystal ball a bit less cloudy. We find that Internet search counts possess useful information, not available in other variables, to now-cast or forecast the trajectory of some financial market data. While this predictive power is by no means universal—as we observe above, for a number of markets, Internet search data do not provide explanatory power beyond that of more traditional forecasting methods—the basic message is of a useful addition to the economist’s toolkit.

Dec 11

Squeezing the Middlemen.

Comedian Louis CK [websiteTwitter] is the latest of real world creatives to sidestep the various middlemen involved in content distribution to go it alone.  He went directly to his fans, releasing a show taped at the Beacon Theater for the low price of $5.  He also omitted any digital rights measures (DRM), opening the door to potential content piracy via various online methods such as download sites, torrents, or newsgroups.

Louis, in a stunning moment of transparency, released a statement breaking down his revenue, costs, and profits: