Sep 12

Dreamforce 12: The Future of Social in the Enterprise with Dion Hinchcliffe and Alan Lepo

Slides from the Dreamforce 2012 session that Constellation’s Alan Lepo and Dion Hinchcliffe gave at The Palace Hotel on Thursday, September 20th, 2012.

Sep 12

Social Business or change management?


Jason Falls at Social Media Explorer calls it bullshit:

But what “social business” really is, is the digital-first world’s version of change management. “Social business” implies you’re evolving as a company or enterprise to be inclusive of all stakeholders, tearing down silos to foster better communication and collaboration internally, empowering your external audiences to participate in your brand/company/marketing and the like. You’re changing. From old guard to new. You’re transitioning from the way marketing and communications did work, to the way it works better now.


Aug 12

What’s your slice of $1,300,000,000,000 (Eleven zeros is TRILLION)?

McKinsey Consulting values the social economy at $1.3 trillion dollars [full report and executive summary are available as PDFs].  What’s your slice of the pie?



Jun 12

Go Social.

Socialcast is letting groups with fewer than 50 members try their Social Enterprise suite for free. Find out more here.

It is worth noting that your users will get the complete Enterprise feature-set and not a hobbled demo experience.

You get mature Enterprise features right out of the box, including social networking, collaborative tools, integrated analytics and metrics, integration with Microsoft’s SharePoint, and support for tablets and phones.


May 12

“Social Business: What are Companies Really Doing?”

This PDF and presentation (embedded below) are based on surveys conducted by MIT’s Sloan School of Business and Deloite.